What is a Koko Smartraining Personalized Plan?

Based on his experience, the latest exercise research, and the data from hundreds of thousands of member sessions, Michael Wood has developed the Koko Smartraining Personalized Plans.  A Koko Smartraining Personalized Plan is a 12-18 month periodized plan (56 weeks) that is broken into three distinct phases: Foundation, Concentration and Transformation.

Phase 1: Foundation – 20 weeks (Foundation, two 8-wk programs, one Koko Zone)

Purpose: Improve core strength and build base strength level by increasing joint integrity via strengthening muscle tendon/ligaments. (Note: tendons connect muscle to bone while ligaments connect bone to bone). Core strength is critical – all movement is initiated in the core and a strong core improves posture, reduces chances of (back) injury not to mention activities of Daily Living (ADL’s)/sports performance.

Phase 2: Concentration – 18 weeks (two 8-wk programs, one Koko Zone)

Purpose: Focus is building strength via multi-joint exercises with emphasis on “specific-track focus.” The programs offered in this 2nd phase are used to build upon the Foundation phase and start to “concentrate” on a member’s specific goals (depending on one of the five tracks they are on) by offering more intermediate and advanced workouts.

Phase 3: Transformation – 18 weeks (two 8-wk programs, one Koko Zone)

Purpose: This is where it comes all together – member has developed a strong foundation over the past 38 weeks using the Smartraining (periodized) training plan. In this third phase, true body compositional changes are seen, meaning, significant increases in lean tissue (muscle) and a decrease in body fat (i.e. decrease in girth msm.)

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