You work hard to stay healthy all year long, and one holiday meal will not ruin all your progress, but you can certainly take some steps to keep your health in check.  You’ll not only feel better physically, but you’ll feel good about your choices too!  I read a great article on that had some easy-to-implement ideas.

  • Start the day with a quick Koko workout or 30 minute walk.  Getting a workout done early will set you up for success.  Studies show that we eat less on days we workout, so there’s no better day than Thanksgiving to get your workout in!
  • Eat breakfast! This is not a day to skip it.  You need some good protein in the morning to keep you going until the big meal.  If you skip, you’re more inclined to binge later.
  • Tidy up the house.  Make a few laps around tidying up so you have a nice clean space to enjoy dinner.  You’d be surprised how many calories you’ll burn!
  • Drink your water!  We always need reminders to hydrate and a busy holiday is no exception.  Keep your water bottle close and drink 1/2 your weight in ounces over the course of the day. (75 oz for 150 lb person)
  • Choose appetizers wisely.  Don’t dip just because it’s there!  Choose a few bites of something special, but don’t fill up.
  • Eat slowly.  Research shows that we eat more when we eat fast, so slowing it down can help you consume less and you’ll enjoy your meal more!
  • Enjoy dessert!  Today isn’t about feeling deprived and restricted.  Just enjoy in moderation!
  • Have an after dinner dance party!  You’ll get your blood flowing and move digestion along.  It’s a great day to crank up the volume on some fun Christmas music!

Give yourself a break.  One meal will not ruin what you’ve accomplished.  Let your self enjoy a good meal with great company!

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