For years, people have been misled to believe that stretching cold muscles before they exercise makes for a better, safer workout. Research shows, it doesn’t. In fact, multiple studies have proven that “static” stretching cold joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles before you exercise can actually reduce workout performance, and can even cause injury instead of preventing it.
The best way to prepare your body for greater workout results is to
WARM UP through dynamic (active) movements. That means getting
your body moving and blood flowing to the extremities so that
muscles are ready to perform.
That’s why Koko FitClub Parker has developed a Dynamic Warm-Up
Program to dynamically warm up your body before EVERY Koko
Smartraining session. Like everything at Koko, we’ve made it easy to do, and fast. In just 4-5 minutes you’ll be ready to go!
How to Warm Up Before a Smartrainer Strength Session
• Before inserting your Koko Key, hit the WARM-UP button on
the Smartrainer strength screen. You’ll be guided through a few minutes of simple, weight-free exercises designed to get the blood flowing to your arms and legs and get you mentally prepared to do your best.
How to Warm Up Before a Strength Test
• Before each strength test, Koko recommends 15 minutes of low-intensity cardio work to prepare the body and mind for optimal results on your strength test. Two Koko Cardio “Strength Test Warm-Up” programs are available for treadmill or elliptical. Hear coaching tips from Michael Wood on how to get the best strength test results possible.
How to Warm Up Before Koko Cardio Sessions
• Each Koko Cardio session already contains a built-in warm-up phase, so no need for additional warm-up activity…just plug in and GO!
So, get fired up for better performance on your next Koko Smartraining session with the Koko Warm-Up options. Make sure to ask your Koko FitCoach for all the details. We know you’ll love the results!
Special thanks to The Team @Koko FitClub Brookline for this great info! Contact us today to set up your own unique fitness plan!

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