I’ve lived in Parker 47 years.  Grew up on 6 acres with 2 sisters, and 3 brothers.  Loved to horseback ride, started running to improve strength and balance which kicked off my lifelong commitment towards fitness and overall health.

Becky FitCoach at Koko FitClub in Parker

   I’m the mother of 3 teenagers who have all been involved in swim team, cross country running, and triathlon.  My oldest, Sam, is an All-American Swimmer which I attribute, in part, to his Smartraining at Koko.  He works the evening shifts at Koko.  Ben just completed a Strength & Conditioning class and is hoping to work at Koko as well.  Rachel finished in the top ten for her school’s division in Cross Country this past season, and is hoping to make Koko a family business.

    Since starting at Koko a year and a half ago, I’m convinced it’s the best program around to produce overall fitness!  My strength has improved by 85% and my lean muscle broke 100 lbs for the first time ever.  I’ve always had my own internal drive, but watching my numbers improve gives me an added incentive to stay consistent and keep my momentum moving in a positive direction in a way I’ve never had before.

    This is probably my favorite job I’ve ever had.  I really enjoy helping people achieve their health and fitness goals because I know how it can transform their lives.  It’s very satisfying to be a part of something that makes people so happy.  I have developed some invaluable friendships as a FitCoach at Koko FitClub in Parker.

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